“Bandits May Spread to the South West Through North Central” -Babajide Otitoju


Investigative journalist, Babajide Otitoju, has expressed his concern regarding the potential unfold of bandits to the South West and the South-South. Speaking on TVC Online News, Babajide recommended the security firms on strategies to curtail the unfold of terrorists to avert additional security challenges inside the nation.

4b013ebe725c43ffadb77392afd8c6cfAddressing the topic, Babajide talked about, “We cannot continue fighting the enemy in snatches by fighting them in one part while shifting focus from the other part.” Block their escape routes and assault them concurrently. The bandits often flee from areas the place security navy operations are centered on. Sometimes we even announce our navy assaults sooner than we execute them, and this makes the criminals run to completely different areas for safety. I can let you already know that the bandits don’t have eternal bases inside the areas the place they kill of us. They don’t sleep there. For occasion, they don’t sleep in Kebbi State as they arrive from Zamfara State to perform in Kebbi State sooner than returning. We know now we have to do larger on account of the bandits might unfold to the South West by the use of the North Central.

17d305c4a688475a87cedfb169a2b3b4He continued, “The North Central shares boundaries with the South West and even the South-South.” Kogi State is an occasion, as a result of it shares boundaries with the South West and South South. They could unfold to completely different parts of the nation if we don’t stop them. We will be in trouble as quickly as they unfold to the South West.

You can watch the interview proper right here.

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“Bandits May Spread to the South West Through North Central” -Babajide Otitoju.For More Article Visit Anxiousfrogs

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