Bryan White’s This Town Lyrics


This city doesn’t perceive Two individuals makin’ desires and plans They say we’re a lot too younger In this city

This city’s stuffed with slender minds Can’t see past town restrict indicators They shut the bed room blinds In this city

I’ve performed some thinkin’ And I notice There’s greater than dairy queen and Friday nights While we’re nonetheless younger, we’ve gotta get away Together we will make our break

Chorus: From this city Word’ll get round Two renegades escaped No they couldn’t preserve us down And this city Will be a dime retailer reminiscence Baby I simply comprehend it There’s a greater place to be Than this city Oh this city

Now this city’s bought a manufacturing facility Not a lot future right here for you and me It’s so far as they will see In this city

I’ve heard the wind blowin’ at my door Voices tellin me there’s a lot extra It’s simple to get bored In this city

I’ve simply bought to see these these metropolis lights It’s time we unfold our wings and be taught to fly They’ll by no means catch us if we disappear Oh the interstate is way to close

Chorus: Can’t you simply hear them talkin’ Their righteous phrases Burnin’ down the wire What can we care what they assume now Thinkin’s not allowed… In this city

(refrain) This city This city

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