Fansly: Has Saruei Done Face Reveal? VTuber Real Name Age And Photo


Saruei is a well known Vtuber whose identification is a thriller to illustration followers. Has she executed a face reveal? Let’s try the life and occupation of the rising artist.

Saruei likes ingesting espresso and energizing drinks. It helps her focus and be vigorous on her dwell streams. She loves having fun with video video video games and listening to digital music. She loves consuming nevertheless hates cooking. Saruei hates horror video video games with jumpscares.

The Vtuber might be very well-known amongst followers, which is mirrored by the views her dwell stream will get. She has a good fanbase and receives many fan arts of her character.

Read further to know further regarding the artist and her hobbies and personal knowledge.

Has Saruei Done Face Reveal?

People are questioning whether or not or not Saruei has executed a face reveal. She has teased her face reveal on fairly just a few occasions. She ends up doing one factor gratifying as a kind of a prank whereas teasing face reveal.

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Vtuber Saruei was born on April 18. However, the 12 months of her supply won’t be recognized. She is s French by nationality and seems to be of Japanese descent. She has not shared rather a lot about her personal life. She seems to be secretive regarding personal points.

Real Name And Biography Of Vtuber Saruei

Saruei’s precise establish is Rael. She has been on Twitch since April 2016 nevertheless made her 2D debut in August 2021. Her character is a Corporal with serial K13 394 432. Her blood sort is B- and her peak is 5’5″. She has a lower scar on her left eye. She has a good complexion. She is a bounty hunter.

Her favourite video games are Undertale, Borderlands, Apex Legends, Fallout, and sonic video games. Her favourite animes are Cowboy Bebop, Evangelion, Redline, Devilman Crybaby, Higurashi, FLCL, Mob Psycho, and all of Satoshi Kon’s films.

Saruei loves mangas like Chainsaw Man, Made in Abyss, Goodnight Punpun, Renjun Desperado, and Mirai Nikki. Her favourite television collection embrace Mr. Robot, Westworld, Game of Thrones, Hannibal, Altered Carbon, The boys, Sherlock and Invincible.

Similarly, her favourite films are The Prestige, Pulp Fiction, Inception, Tenet, Sin City, Enter The Void, Shutter Island, John Wick, Source Code, Requiem for a Dream, Matrix, Alien, and Blade Runner.

Meet Saruei On Social Media

Saruei is lively on Instagram. She has 38K followers on her account, saruei_. There she posts her illustration and idea arts. The most of her illustrations are depictions of ladies in bikinis and lingerie.

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Additionally, she has a Twitter account with 246K followers. Her deal with is @Saruei_. She posts her arts along with fan art work on her Twitter. 

Moreover, her Twitch profile has 313K followers. She livestreams often on the video streaming platform. Her Twitch profile is Saruei. Fans can watch her stream continuously.

Saruei even has a Youtube channel with 145K subscribers. She posts highlights of her dwell stream on her channel Saruei. 

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