Mo Thugs ft. Layzie Bone, Felecia’s This Ain’t Livin’ Lyrics


Yeah, what’s occurring my peoples That’s how we’re struggling Yeah, I do know it’s exhausting out right here man But ain’t no person stated it was gonna be simple You know what I imply? Together we stand That’s how we’re struggling Divided we fall What’s happenin ya’ll? What’s crackin?

Ain’t nothing modified since I used to be a child Nothing however the days, months and the years Putting it down and maintaining it critical Trying to maintain from shedding these tears You would have thought that it could have gotten higher Making that rapping and doing these reveals But to me it solely received worse Close to (?) no person is aware of The actual steam, the explanation why, I do the issues that I do Getting so excessive, ingesting these brews Feeling like I’ve received nothing to lose I payed my dues and the Lord blessed me But now I pray to save lots of my mom, and my brother Lord please assist me Heavy masses ought to be for heavy folks But niggas simply making an attempt to offer for his or her household Facing cops and evil And we’d like our greater powers So what I’m going to do is hold my prayers to the sky for you Won’t inform no lie for you, however nigga I’m prepared to die for you Undivided, reunited With the fist within the pyramid Right about now I’m about to tip my lid Somebody inform me what that is A dream, a actuality, my sanity about to present in Got the celebrity and the fortune however this ain’t residing

Chorus: This ain’t livin’, however it’s the one factor I do know This ain’t livin’, I’ve received to discover a greater highway This ain’t livin’, however it’s the one factor I do know This ain’t livin’, I’ve received to discover a greater highway

From the previous, the current by way of, I’m speaking concerning the wrestle The shit hit me so exhausting I be swearing I’m seeing devils Sometimes it makes me surprise how I maintain and keep No matter which course all the time appears in opposition to the grain What to do, what to do? I’m praying for answer In the course that I be kicking have me in a establishment Trying to rid this life, of 1 I didn’t selected How you gonna fuck me, I payed my dues Every minute of my life I be making an attempt to focus Just once I assume I received it somebody make me realize it Ain’t the best way I have to be And my eyes approach heavy however I carry on pushing ’trigger I ain’t livin’ for nothing


On a quest for peace, on a quest for peace But I can’t escape these depraved streets Got me to grasp that I may jeopardize An opportunity for my youngsters to be What they wanna be and what they could possibly be And I ain’t making an attempt to be that hoody But I want any individual understood me so they may see the great in me Trying to do thangs to make the world higher And everyone hittin’ me to be doing what I’m doing Strickly out right here chasin this cheddar Ain’t nothin’ free ain’t nothin’ honest to me So all in all it’s solely me Take care of me and try to be doing the identical thang My niggas complain’ Trying to do to a lot explainin’ When the bottom line is actually maintainin’ Waitin’ for the Lord to cease the rainin’ Playing it secure we received to verify ourselves Before we wreck ourselves First we received to respect ourselves ‘Cause a nigga won’t give us nothin’ else Don’t sit there and discuss me to demise Go and get off your thang I’m a see a change once you make a change I imagine I do know the sport Enduring our ache cuz you bought to take it And in order for you it you’ll make it See the drama and shake it Get your thoughts proper


He’s on medicine ’trigger he’s unhealthy Family’s splitting up ’trigger they’re struggling Somebody on the market, don’t you are feeling the necessity? Feeling hopeless ’trigger I’m in (?slowly?) I’m lookin’ for a greater day I be praying for a greater day I’ve been lookin’ for a greater approach


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