WATCH: Indigo Attendant Farewell Speech Video Goes Viral and Social Media Platform


WATCH: Indigo Attendant’s Farewell Speech Goes Viral on Facebook and Twitter We all know what variety of motion pictures are printed to the online every day, and a couple of of them go viral and garner a number of consideration. Similarly, one different video has been spreading on the internet and gaining a number of consideration from social media prospects. An Indigo air hostess is likely to be seen throughout the video giving a farewell speech on account of it’s her ultimate journey. The video is quickly gaining repute on the internet. Others are interested in learning further regarding the viral video and the flight hostess. As a finish consequence, one can discover some important information regarding the viral content material materials below.

Indigo Attendant Farewell Speech

Video of Indigo Attendant’s Farewell Speech

As we beforehand acknowledged, a video of an air hostess saying her final flight and becoming emotional whereas giving a farewell cope with has been circulating on the internet. Amrutha Suresh posted the video on Instagram. The video depicts an air hostess, acknowledged as Surabhi Nair, saying her ultimate day with the company. It moreover displays the flight attendant crying as she talks about her experience with the company.


She talked about how her time with the group went and what she realized from her superiors throughout the video. She lauded the company (Indigo), stating that it’s a fantastic agency to work with and that it has given her all of the items. “Thank you, everyone,” she added, smiling and brushing her tears away. Thank you to all people who has flown with us. We get our salaries on time, or sometimes early, because of you, exactly like our flights.”

People began to answer to the video as rapidly as a result of it went viral. Many people have despatched their most interesting wants for her. People have been wishing her success eventually, and the video has gone viral, garnering over 297k views and plenty of different likes. The flight attendant has gone viral on account of this video and has obtained a number of optimistic recommendations. She acknowledged throughout the video that she doesn’t want to go, nevertheless that she is compelled to take motion. We don’t know why she left her employment, nevertheless we wish her the most effective of luck and success in her future endeavours. Keep an eye fixed fastened on this space for more information.

WATCH: Indigo Attendant Farewell Speech Video Goes Viral and Social Media Platform.For More Article Visit Anxiousfrogs

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